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The Made of Human Podcast, also called MohPod, is about connection. I sit down with a lovely person and we talk about life. I want to find out how to cope with being an adult person. I want to find out how to deal with all of the confusing bits of life. All of the hurtful bits of life. I want to sit, for just an hour, with a great person and learn from them. And - if they have no idea how to 'adult', then that will be absolutely okay - at least we will have an hour of feeling like we're not the only ones in the world.

Sep 28, 2016

 Bisha K Ali is such a talented stand-up comedian. Sofie talks to her about race, anger, privilege, white devils, the pilgrimage - and Sofie is being a right dick, confusing Aristoteles with Socrates and being coincidentally racist and Bisha keeps her cool and continues to be funny.