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The Made of Human Podcast, also called MohPod, is about connection. I sit down with a lovely person and we talk about life. I want to find out how to cope with being an adult person. I want to find out how to deal with all of the confusing bits of life. All of the hurtful bits of life. I want to sit, for just an hour, with a great person and learn from them. And - if they have no idea how to 'adult', then that will be absolutely okay - at least we will have an hour of feeling like we're not the only ones in the world.

Nov 23, 2017

Sofie talks to comedian, writer and podcaster Hari Kondabolu about not calling himself an Activist-Comedian, Intersectionality, the “choir” of agreement, The Problem with Apu, being a killjoy, having room to make mistakes on stage, making art while leading a balanced life, knowing your voice, working with refugees as an immigrants rights organiser, touring with Chris Rock, the bureaucracy of comedy and the pros and cons of making fun of Weezer.


Artwork by Linda Brinkhaus

Jingle by Bailey Lenart

Produced by Sarah Garvey

A huge thanks to Phoenix Artist Club in London for letting me record my podcast and do my shows with them. Special thanks to Peter Dunbar.


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